The Divine Coast

History of Bruinia

Mystara 3000 BC: Some Blackmoor devices explode, shifting the axis of the Known World in an event later called the Great Rain of Fire or the Planet shift. Blackmoor becomes the north pole and its civilization disappears. The elven civilization becomes the south pole; the elves are able to migrate to the area called Grunland (which now begins centuries of volcanic upheaval that lead to its being renamed Vulcania). These southern-continent elves, though suffering hardship, are not in immediate danger of extinction and so none are taken to the Hollow World.
-The Blackmoor explosion catches the Immortals off guard; they cannot summon enough power to prevent its most harmful effects. The Blackmoor civilization is eradicated before they can preserve any part of it. The Oltec and Azcan races are threatened with imminent extinction by the changing climate brought about by the Rain of Fire, so large numbers of both tribes are magically whisked to the Hollow World. They are placed in the land to the north of the great equatorial mountain range; the Azcans are located in the forests next to the sea, which they name the Aztlan Ocean. The Oltecs are placed to their southeast, with a great swamp separating them and the Azcans. Both races encounter the numerous Neathar tribes; the Oltecs leave them alone, while the Azcans wage war on the Neathar, always trying to expand their borders. (HW)
-Melting ice caps raise ocean level by several hundred feet. Lowland marshes and coastal plains along the southern edge of the northern continent are flooded.
-Nahg-Hotep Immortal gold dragon, worshiped by pre-Nithian vagabonds, leaves Pandius to form his own civilization, far from the known world, after the Immortal decisions made regarding the Blackmoor incident. Nahg recruits the aid of a red dragon of the Uncharted Lands named Bah Rohn to assist him.

2500 BC: Bah Rohns enemy Vizzaknamm learns of his disappearance and tracks him down to the newly formed continent.

2500 – 2475 BC: Bah Rohn and Vizzaknamm engage in an epic battle that permanently marks the landscape, when the two are exhausted, Nahg shows the Dragons the path of Apotheosis.

2200 BC: Both Bah Rohn and Vizzaknamm achieve Immortality.
-The continent begins to spring its first life forms. The Dragons begin to infuse the lands with wellsprings and magical beasts.

2000 BC: Nahg, Bah Rohn and Vizzaknamm form a loose affiliation based around Nahgs Philosophy of strict non mortal involvement. Vizzaknamm begins to recruit other dragon species against Nahgs will.
-Bah Rohn creates the Vannaran race, a monkey like humanoid with above average intelligence.

1850 BC: Vizzaknamm creates the Vogdoni, a cat like humanoid race with a appetite for evil. The dragon population soars and Nahg stops any further migration to the continent.

1800 BC: With the influence of Vizzaknamm the Vogdoni build large vessels and travel to the shores of Skothar bringing back slaves (Jennites) who worship a dark god they call O-Syr.

1700 BC: Elves on great galleons begin arriving after the destruction of their homeland (Glantri) in a far away land. The new elves arrive and form settlements, the Dark elves attempt to conquer them. A war ensues that lasts 100 years, this is Known as the Great Elf War.
-Most of the Jennites are killed in the war.

1600 BC: The shadow elves settle the Leakwood Forest. The Dark Elves settle the Northlands and the Wood And Fire tribes settle the Split River Valley.
-The Vanaran’s settle the Fallous Tyrth Mesa and begin to establish a clan based government.
-Dark Elves form a cult worshiping a demon called O-Syr. The influence spreads to the Shadow elves as well. In horror the Wood and Fire elves retreat south and settle Bridgad Forest.
-The Jennites become extinct after the Dark Elves use them all in sacrificial rituals to O-Syr.

1500 – 1375 BC: An alliance of evil dragons led by Collorock the Blue, begins to assault the red dragon clan. Bronze and copper dragons defending the red clan, join in the conflict. This sparks the beginning of the Dragon War.
-Collorock achieves Immortality after destroying an Archon in the Verdant Cascades.

1425 BC: The second Vogdoni expedition fails as the ship is sunk by Thytian barbarians, However Nahg learns of Vizzaknamm’s deceit and strips him of his Immortal gifts, banishing him to the Rotsca Swamp.

1400 BC: A massive meteor prison crashes into the continent leaving what is now know as Corliss Bay. Its alien prisoner retreats into the mountains undetected. The impact destroys most of the Vannaran Empire, as well as multiple civilizations of magical creatures.
- The Vogdoni Tani Hanzo achieves Immortality, after defeating a powerful Djinn in the area known as Uloss.

1350 BC: Only a third of the dragon population remains after the war. The remaining dragons agree to assemble a Bureaucracy, in order to regulate the activities of all sentient beings.

1200BC: The Cult of O-Syr unleashes some unspeakable horror upon the continent. The demon O-Syr assembles an army to attack the Bureaucracy. Instead the Wood and Fire elves intervene and drive the Dark elves into the Obsidian mountains. Their commander , the “demon Queen” Mirradorra is banished by an elven dragon priest to the Infernal Plane.

1100 BC: Dark elf chieftain Laos Jissca, becomes possessed by O-Syr after opening a portal into the Infernal Planes. He fails to complete the ritual and O-Syr becomes corporeal.

1000 BC: Dwarves begin to emerge from the under mountains and establish their first empire, called Drakonis Brau.

800 BC: Vanaran mystic Sung Lao Pain achieves Immortality and establishes the Monument of the Dragon on the mountain of fruit and flowers in Fallous Tyrth.

600 BC: After years of raids against the Vanara, the Vogdoni clans are driven out of The Three Mesas . In the deep woods of the Glades, the Vogdoni begin constructing strongholds throughout the Divine Coast.
-The dwarf Bruum O’Druin inspires his fellow O’Druin clansmen to begin excavating a massive passage through the center of the Brau Mountains. They start at what is now known as Illstan Gate.
-The Drakonis Brau empire now stretches through the whole northern hook of the continents mountain range. However, an evil force keeps them from expanding past the Rotsca Swamp further south.

500 BC: The Vanaran Empire reaches its prime. Sung Lao assembles a group of scholars and makes the first Celestial Pilgrimage. The trip produces the scrolls that forms the Philosophy of the Trinity.
-Separatist elves from Obsidia flee their tyrant leader Laos Jissca, these 2 thousand elves settle Elf Rock. They revert to the Old Ways.
-Immortal green dragon Grell cultivates the first White Oak, in the Split River Valley. Wood Elves immediately recognize their magical properties, and begin to cultivate the species.
-Dwarves begin fleeing the southern mountains north of Rotsca Swamp, most of the tribesmen are completely mad. Factions of dwarves begin forming cults to the Old One of the Mountain, they become crazed cannibals. They begin a short civil war. Out of this three tribal leaders (of the Strongaxe, O’Druin and Oakenshield clans) agree to form an alliance to establish a new order outside the Brau. Illstan Mirr is founded by Illstan Oakenshield and Miir O’Druin north-east of the Rotsca Swamp.

300 BC: Sinn Cormyr, a human oceanic explorer from Thyatis, commissioned to find a lost freighter became lost at sea in a thick haunting gray mist. After months at sea they approached Bruinia. Moments later the good ship Elhum ran aground on the rocky shores of a strange new land. Using wood from the good ship Elhum, the captain built the first human settlement in what is now Toras City.
-O’Druin clansmen finish the merchant tunnel and name the west gate Mal Is Cynn and begin constructing a gate.

200 BC: Tensions rise in the Northlands as conflicts between Wood, Fire and Dark elves escalate. A faction of a few hundred lead by Synne Caross, enter the desert to the south and begin to settle the area now known as Dilna.
-Captain Cormyr sets out on a nautical recon mission to the south of Elhum. His finds the port known as Nahgs Diamond, and the recently completed Berm Ship Yards. With his Thyatis nature he assumes the Berm Dwarves hostile, and flees from them. He returns a week later with 5 Galleons and 2,000 men as a show of force. The dwarf Balin O’Druin rows out to meet the challenger on a single dingy, unarmed. They have a brief meeting where Balin explains to the humans they are terribly out numbered, besides they want no conflict. Cormyr, a wise old Thyatian, sees that his people are indeed out matched and offers the Dwarves one of his galleons as a peace offering. Balin invites the captain and his crew to dock at Berm, where they have a feast and make a lasting friendship.

100 BC: Humans make first contact with the Vanara. Humans begin to settle Corliss. Miir City is completed in Illstan Miir.
-Vagabond Sand Elves discover the oasis in the south-west and settle it.
-White Dragon Kazzkria achieves Immortality.

0 AC: The continent enters its iron age and civilizations explode, across all races.
-Humans begin to migrate south and settle the Rhuum plain lands.
-Human wizard Illagriad achieves Immortality.

100 AC: Small factions of Dark Elves begin to migrate north and establishes Gatha Minor. The raids by Dark Elves on Wood Elf villages draws the attention of the Dwarves, they begin to patrol the western flank of their Empire.
-Vogdoni begin to build boats after a spy is able to sneak into a Vanaran ship yard and steals blueprints.
-Sand Elves establish the nation of Synne Caross, and complete the palace at Dilna.
-Bruum O’Druin achieves Immortality.

200 AC: Vanaran’s discover that Devils Reef is infused with harmful magics, after a group of scholars are found dead, their hair fallen out and flesh burned badly.
-Fire Elves begin to migrate toward Port Storm as Dark Elves occupy their strongholds.
-Sand Elves crown the wizard Kyosgny king.

300 AC: Gnomes begin appearing in the north, and start speculating what is now Peltine for iron and gold.
-The wise and respected elders of the Fire and Wood tribes warn the Dark Elves of the evil they would unleash upon all creatures of this world. Jissca grew tired and bored of the elders lecturing and warned them if the Wood and Fire tribes weren’t with them they were against them, ultimately isolating themselves from all tribes. The Deep Elves fled into the Gatha’s, over the Obsidian Peaks where they began to study vile magics, and serve the will of the Great Evil (O-Syr).
-The scattered attacks against the Wood and Fire tribes escalate into a civil war that spans the length of three hundred human years.
-Dwarves take the vulnerable Wood Elves under their protection. Construction of Stoyonitokk Tower begins.

400 AC: The Immortal copper dragon Mahomet creates the first Dragonmen.
-Dragonmen settle the Stoyok just south of Northlands in the foothills of the Brau. There they construct a temple to The Great Wyrm.
-The Dwarves complete Losk City and form the Council of Grandfathers in Illstan Miir.

500 AC: Dark Elves begin arriving outside of Port Storm, which has by now grown into a thriving metropolis. A few weeks later they lay siege upon the City. Only a few hundred Wood Elves survive. The remaining Fire Elves retreat into the caverns in the Lorin Hills. Port Storm is abandoned after the conflict, it remains a haunted, evil ruin.
-A joint effort between Brau dwarves, humans and Fire Elves results in the construction project dubbed The Great Road. It’s purpose is to connect the eastern Corliss Bay with the west bay Vanaran’s.

600 AC: The humans establish the Kingdom of Elhum, and crown Lamar Cormyr, ancestor of Captain Cormyr.
-The nation of Rhuum is founded by Miranda Iradra, a diplomatic liaison from Elhum. The horse masters of the region had been fighting off raids of Orc for decades, unable to build proper fortifications. The Kingdom of Elhum agreed to establish small garrisons along the mountainside to fend off the Orc raids while the locals alongside the Elhum Knights built a proper fortification between the two large lakes along the Great Road.
-Nahg begins to form his Sanctuary in the Synne Caross desert.
-Gnomish engineers begin to utilize water from mountain springs in the City of Spetznaz. They construct an aqueduct and begin to experiment with Steam Technologies.
-The 10 Immortals of Bruinia create the Palantinsk. 10 magical globes all of a different shade that possess separate properties each. They are scattered around the continent. Adventurers as well as Kings begin seeing visions and having dreams of fighting battles or overcoming obstacles to possess the Palantinsk. Some have visions of conquering enemies, some of healing diseased countrymen.

700 AC: Laos Jissca known as The Black Wizard, with the aid of O-Syr is successful in freeing the demon Queen Mirradorra from her Infernal Planar prison.
Peltine is founded by Gnomes and Dwarves and begins to produce massive agricultural goods irrigated by engineers from Yosgnyk.
Jarock Strongaxe, Cleric from Burges City discovers the White Crown inside the passage called Berm Pass after defeating a crazed Stone Giant. A year later he is declared King of Illstan Miir. He expands the military and creates the O’Druin Guild.
Gatha Major completes the Rimmock Tower in Balis Mountains.
The Barony of Accolonah if founded in the south-east, just west of the Leakwood Forest.

800 AC: Immortal Illagriad forms a guild of powerful wizards called the Blue Lodge.
-Queen Mirradorra inspires an order of Dark Elf disciples, they develop into a large faction in just a few short years. Out of the order rises a particularly gifted student named Farrous Blackbrass.
-A radical human priest of the Elhum religion named Illasko, petitions the Orthodox bishops to include Immortals into worship. The archbishop refutes his petitions over and over again. Illasko gains many followers, many of wich are members of the lower class, the agricultural working class and some clerics as well as monks.
-The Great Road project reaches the City of Toras. In an effort to bridge the massive plateaus that jut out of the water in between The Principalities of Vanara and the Kingdom of Elhum. The two societies agree to hire Gnomish engineers from Spetznaz to build the Five Bridges. When completed trade expands throughout the nations interior.
-Immortal Illagriad is trapped in stone in 3rd Woods by Mirradorra after a battle over a wellspring of primal chaos.
-In a sacrificial ritual Blackbrass commits suicide only to be transformed into the Lich King of Gatha Minor. He raises 9 Drakolich’s and takes Stoyonitokk Tower from the Dwarves.

900 AC: Orc from the upper Saugg Mountains begin launching attacks on dwarven out posts at Mal Is Cynn as well as the Stoyonitokk Tower. The Lich King orders all the White Oaks to be burned down.
-When Wood Elf Chieftain Linolin discovers the sacred White Oaks ablaze he quickly summons the Elven champion Eholm Longflight to save as many trees as possible. He succeeds in transplanting 19 White Oaks in the Northlands close to the desert.
-Dark Elves in the lower Gatha’s have migrated over the Obsidian Peaks where they began to study vile magics, and serve the will of the Great Evil (O-Syr). Commanding an army of undead, Jissca now known as the Black Wizard, launches a war on the Nation of Peltine.
-An established Unorthodoxy consisting of a significant number of monks and clerics, wishes to be recognized an respected as a legitimate sect of Elhum. They are sun and nature worshipers lead by a man named Brother Mao, a former Bishop in the orthodox church now a reformist and dwarven emissary. However his rival Zealot Saamkill turns the elders favor away from Mao, eventually ensuring the unorthodox movement is driven by force from their own Kingdom. The Illstan Dwarven Kingdom welcomed these monks with open arms. After several years the Dwarven King Strongaxe granted his new friends citizenship and amnesty in the grand port capital Berm City.

950 AC: King Strongaxe also gives Brother Mao a gift, the White Crown of the Priest King.
Given to the humans to avoid the same fate as the elves did in the great war, now they would have a weapon to fight off the great evil if it should turn its will on the humans. However the Orthodoxy issues an inquisition into the new community being built at the ruins of old Berm City. The head Inquisitor realizing the unorthodoxy had no defense against the Inquisitors so they took the gift from the dwarven king back to the Citadel Chapel in Elhum.
-The Dark Elves begin to assault the Peltine north-lands and infusing the massive forest of Morinth with vile magics, making the trees become servants of the Darkness, and displacing thousands of species of wildlife. As the forest encroached on the border lands of Peltine, the masses of refugees flood the Kingdom of Elhum.
-The King of Elhum charges his engineers to build a wall 50 feet high and 20 feet thick at the border of Peltine essentially allowing the realm of Peltine to fall to the enemy. Brother Mao travels to the Kingdom of Elhum to warn the king of the severity of the issue at hand and to send his elite knight to scout the mountain gates or risk being flanked, and possibly lose the Berm settlement to the enemy like Peltine. Unfortunately the King and his advisers underestimate the Great Evil and it’s influence.
-Large industrial steam powered vaporizers called Plague Machines that spew tons of pollutants into the air over Morinth Forest and the western boarder of Peltine.

1004 AC: A council of Kingdoms is called between the North Kingdom of Elhum, the South Kingdom of Accolona, and the Elven Kingdom of Bridgad Forest to formulate a inquiry to the potency and origin of the Great Evil.
-A group of mortal heroes (Aleesa Morova, Bandar, Azilon and Grendel) frees Illagriad from his stone prison in 3rd Wood. These heroes go on to steal the sacred White Crown from Castle Elhum. The heroes find the king of Elhum bound in a Citadel chamber, when they loose his binds he explains he had fallen under the magics of his adviser, who has recently fled the Kingdom.
-The Black Army begins gathering forces in the mountain passes in the west, slowly encroaching on Rhuum.
-The Orthodoxy of Elhum issues an official Inquisition into the location of the White Crown.
-In Ghad City in the realm of Peltine, the now famous heroes destroy the Lich King during a siege. A Malignancy is formed and begins to swallow the City. The Immortal Nahg arrives and plunges into the , causing a massive explosion resulting in a volcanic chasm where the City once stood. Immortal Bah Rohn intervenes and moves the heroes from harm and directly into the Stoyonitokk Tower. These actions lead to Bah Rohns expulsion from the Drakonic Bureaucracy. Vizzaknamm seizes the opportunity and asserts his influence on the Bureaucracy, wich makes him the new Pasha, in the place of Bah Rohn.
-Nahg spends many months in the Hollow World repairing and regathering his massive aura depletion from Ghad City

1006 AC: Queen Mirradorra begins assembling the Black Armada in Caross Bay, using pirate prisoners from Shoal Mort as captain and crew. The Armada launches successful attacks on Toras in Elhum and Five Bridges.
-Ivania in the realm of Gatha Major is sabotaged by the heroes, and a slave revolt is inspired by Azilon. The revolt overthrows the City guards and wardens then begins to travel into Peltine.
-The Kingdom of Elhum is corrupted by the temptation of O-Syr and falls under the orders of the Black Queen. She begins an ethnic cleansing, and kills the monarchy and the church leaders, holding the Princes and a few monks hostage in the Citadel.
-The City of Berm is attacked from the mountainside by the Black General. After weeks of battle the heroes arrive and are successful in helping drive the enemy back into the mountainside.
-A Vanaran shaman named Sun Wukong is challenged to walk the Celestial Path.

1008 AC:The Black Armada lands on the Rhuum coast. They begin to occupy Berm City. Elite Squads are sent to bring the attack to the small villages along the Great Road. The heroes begin tracking squads of Marilith Blackguard out off Berm City lead by Pit Fiends and Horned Devils. Immortal Illagriad is seen fighting off Drakolichs.
-Sun Wukong is dubbed The Elevator and successfully performs the ritual to Transcendence for Collorock.
-The Black General Kull is defeated by the heroes outside of the Capital of Rhuum, however the event results in another mysterious Malignancy that forms above Berm and destroys the City.
-Military leaders from Rhuum, Berm, Elhum and Vanara plan a counter strike against occupied Elhum Castle. The heroes are joined by Sun Wukong and together they are used as an elite infiltration unit and rescues the two Princes and four Bermese monks.

Mystara: The Immortals of Pandius begin to turn their attention to the continent after a series of planar malignancies open massive fissures in the surface that threaten the Hollow World’s outer gravity field.
Bah Rohn discovers the Ghad Canyon contains a new passage into the Hollow World. Bah Rohn begins filling the passage with Mythic Fire wards, and Numen fire elementals.


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