The Divine Coast

Fort Uloss

This dangerous region of twisted jungle and barren plain lands is dominated by a vicious race of cat people known as Vogdoni. Constant conflict with their neighbors, the Vanara, the barbarian mountain tribes, and Accolona Barony had left the coast line stretching between Rotsca Swamp and Tyrth uncharted for centuries.

Legends say that the Vogdoni used to be under the control of a water demon named Uloss. The old shipping route used to avoid the area and the rocky islands off shore still carry the nickname Devil’s Reef. Another demon named Sun Wukong (The Monkey King) defeats Uloss in a great battle over an ancestral weapon.

Shortly afterward the Dwarven alliance built a garrison and slowly a military fort was constructed, funded by the Baron of Accolona and named in spite of the legendary water Demon. After a trade agreement was made with the Vanaran’s, Baron Vorhiem chartered the Pathfinder Guild to chart a pass through both the Rotsca Swamp and the Glades forest.

The Dwarven Alliance has just recently finished constructing a Steam Tram for cargo or passengers. He line ends at the fishing village of Saltmarsh on the edge of Rotsca Swamp. Once a route is mapped through the swamp the Steam Tram can be connected to the Fort.


Byerac Byerac

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