Illstan Miir


The War hammer is the symbol for Illstan Miir.
The region is known for its Mountain Gates that connect the
trade routes running through the Drakonis Brau. The Brumms
Throat Pass connects the realm to the ancient dwarven
mountain empire now long abandoned. The Illstan Gate
connects to a massive tunnel stretching through the Brau
leading to the Mal Is Cynn Gate on the west side of the Brau.
The Kingdom of Illstan Miir is comprised of three
Cities dedicated to different family clan houses. One of the most
famed and historical nations, Illstan Miir is renown for the three
beautiful cliff cities of Losk, Burges, and Miir and has become a
sight seeing tourism destination.


Illstan Miir, kingdom of dwarves is the oldest and most
influential nation in all of Bruinia. At one time a reclusive
nation that lived a solitary existence for hundreds of years, until
eventually forced to the mainland by dragons and other
predators. Before then their mountain empire stretched the
whole of the gigantic Drakonis Brau.
The dwarves began to settle around the cove
thousand years ago. As they begin to build on the massive cliff
faces they make first contact with humans, which is supposed
to have gone horribly, ending in a declaration of war. When the
humans (from the Kingdom of Elhum) arrived to attack the
new dwarven settlements they were so overwhelmed by the
sheer numbers of dwarven soldiers that the humans
surrendered to the massive show of force, only to become
fantastic allies merely years later. As the Kingdom grew, their
relationship with humans became integral to both nations

Capital, Miir City (pop. 200,000) is home of the
O’Druin Clan. The city was built by the house a thousand years
ago, this is the largest and most influential dwarven house in
Bruinia. The O’Druin merchant house is famous for its
cartographers and knowledge of the Brau. The merchant house
also holds incredible power over supply contracts.
Losk City (pop. 70,000) is home of religious study and
diplomatic training, Losk has long been the home of wise men.
The Oakenshield clan built the city six hundred years ago as an
effort to separate education from the worldly distractions of the
merchant and warrior houses. The house specializes in clerical,
and shamanic training and most of its graduates move on to the
Alliance Army serving the House of O’Druin.
Burges City (pop. 25,000) is home of the Strongaxe
Clan, the protectors of Illstan. They have been the most
influential house of military tactics in history. The city houses
the Alliance Army, their soldiers fulfill escort and defense
contracts. Typically hired by agricultural merchant transports,
they also patrol the trade routes throughout the Corliss Bay

The three cities are nestled in Illstan Bay, which is a
tributary to Corliss Bay. This cove is a merchant hub along both
the land and sea trade routes. The mysterious and dangerous
Rotsca Swamp is directly south of Brumms Throat, and is
considered forbidden by dwarven society. To the north is the
realm of Rhuum, Illstan Miir’s friendly human nation of
Unorthodox Elhum Clerics know as the Ilasko Monks. The
giant peaks of the Drakonis Brau shield the realm from the
harsh winds and sun of the east.


Dwarven society is dominated by three clans, O’Druin,
Strongaxe, and Oakenshield all ruled by King Strongaxe, a
benevolent but short tempered old warrior turned diplomat.
The Strongaxe clan produces some of the best axe and
hammer soldiers as well as armorers and blacksmiths, they are
notorious for dominance in the Dwarven Alliance, an army of
all three clans.
The O’Druin clan is the oldest clan, claiming lineage to
the first dwarven empire over one thousand years ago. The clans
trade influence can be seen as far as Accolonah Barony and they
are one of the few clans that are recognized throughout Bruinia
by name.
The Oakenshield clan has long been the clan of
healers and wise men. Their diplomats are of the most highly
respected and sought after in dwarven relations. Although
dwarven society is dominant here there are citizens from all
races in Illstan Miir.
The Miir Port is always teeming with activity which is
where most of the citizens earn their income. From this port
one can access any of the merchant houses and the services they
offer. The port also provides access to Vannaran merchant ships
that deliver cargo throughout the Corliss Bay region.
The dwarven clansmen are devote followers of Torag, the Father
of Creation. The dwarves believe that Torag created the world at
his great forge, striking it again and again with his hammer to
get the shape he desired. As the rocks tumbled and the sparks
few, the dwarves were born, made of stone with bellies full of
fire. Torag appears as a powerful and cunning dwarf, busy at his
forge hammering at a weapon or shield. He is the consummate
planner, with a contingency for nearly every situation.
Along with Torag citizens are encouraged to follow
other patron saints which include: Cayden Cailean, Iomedae,
Gorem, and Sarenrae

Illstan Miir

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